Angel Connections with Francine

Have you ever thought you may be psychic?

Has anyone ever commented on how intuitive you are?

Have you ever felt that you knew someone

when you had actually just met?

You may have gifts that you are not aware of.

We have a morning that you don’t want to miss!

“Angel Connections with Francine“

Symposium and Readings

*Connecting With Your Loved Ones on the Other Side*

Saturday, October 11th 9am -noon

Gloucester House Restaurant

Seven Seas Wharf

Gloucester, Ma 01930

Tickets $60/person

Find out how a world-renowned

Psychic Medium and Healer

got her start.

Francine will be sharing her story of how she first realized

she had gifts and how they manifested themselves.

You will be amazed at the work she has been invited to do

and the very many lives, including mine, that are forever changed

just by having known both her and Erica

Francine will be selecting admission tickets during the symposium

and doing brief readings for those participants.

Maybe someone you have lost has something to say to you!

Join us for Francine and her daughter Erica’s

first public appearance!

To order tickets:

send $60/ticket in the form of check or money order to:

Francine Clausen

28 Granite Street

Gloucester, Ma 01930

you may also call 978-281-1179 for more information


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